Wednesday, February 14


Greetings, friends. I can't say I have too much to report. I haven't seen any more animals. But I guess I'll use this opportunity to collect some of the little things. My daily activities are probably less exciting than yours, but I'm in Africa, which as I understand it makes them blogworthy by default.

I have moved apartments, across the courtyard. I'm higher up now. Unfortunately the stairs are not spaced in a way that is conducive to bounding up them, resulting in a long ascent of small, unsatisfying steps. I don't take the elevator, it has very pale and depressing fluorescent lighting. I don't have wireless anymore, so I spend a good deal of time tethered to the same spot on the couch by the Ethernet jack.

I have also joined the video store down the street, so I've been watching a lot of movies. I just saw Romance and Cigarettes. It's basically the Coen Brothers doing a musical, plus Christopher Walken. But weirder. (Thanks, Dan, for the tip.) And I've been doing the Africa movie thing...Tsotsi and Catch a Fire were both quite enjoyable. I also made my first trip to the cinema. They have a deal once a week where a little over $4 gets you a ticket, popcorn, a soda and a hot dog/mars bar. It was worth it, even if I had to watch Rocky Balboa.

I also went to my first Kenyan wedding over the weekend. Outside Nairobi in coffee plantation country, very pretty. We got there too late for the actual ceremony, but the rest of it seemed pretty standard. The dancing is different - slower and in line form. And during the gift-giving, a group of women slowly danced their gifts up to the bride and groom in a line, which was nice.

I'll leave it there for now. I'll hold off on the post about sitting by the pool, reading, and cooking, in the hope that something more exciting will come along.

Thank you to the folks who have linked to me on their blogs, or inserted me into their story lines. Friendly blogs can be found to the right, along with interesting things I've read recently, because Google makes it so easy. Don't miss the map of gender-neutral public toilet locations.


JF said...

when i first read the title, i thought you were kenyanizing the word "neighboring". then i got it.

link me, man!

Number 1 Billy Joel Fan said...

i wonder what he cooks.

Mike said...

the grass is so green....