Monday, March 19

I was seriously thinking about hiding the receiver...

A sampling of topics discussed recently on the rush-hour radio shows I hear in the car:

-This woman went to her priest, and he got her to sleep with him. What should she do?
-This guy is intimately involved with his cousin. Have you or someone you know had similar experiences?
-This guy came home to find his wife in bed with her best friend, also a women, and they were very busy. Is the wife a psycho? Or did the husband drive her to do it by staying out late and coming home drunk?
-This guy is sick with cancer and can't work to send his kids to school. He found out that his wife slept with someone for money. Is this acceptable?
-Do women deserve an International Women's Day, or would women just invest state funds in a 'pyramid scheme' if they were in power.

Feel free to chime in on any of these questions.

Whenever possible I try to listen to the reggae station. Chances are I'll hear Alpha Blondy. And they speak in Swahili, so the banter may not be better, but at least I don't really understand it. Although the other day they played this song called "Abortion is a Crime". Maybe I'm biased, but I do think reggae is better suited to simplistic pleas for revolution or passing the herb than simplistic pleas for the sanctity of fetuses.


Gabe said...

nice post d,

I wish I could call in to that radio show. But more so I wish that my drinking would lead to an erotic threesome with a significant other and her same-sex companion.

why must it only lead to regret.

by the way, new ted leo album is just fine - better than hearts of oak and a good follow up to shake the sheets. but is he totally irish now?

peace out

JF said...

you know, those questions are frequently answered by jerry springer, tyra banks and dr phil. africa ain't nothing special.

Three Huge Guys said...

Man, priests have GAME, all around the world!

Tim said...

Is it just me, or are these questions addressed to the very core of life as we know it?

Harris said...

Its good to know that despite geopoloticalsocioeconomio differences, we all listen to the same dumb shit