Monday, March 12

Nobody want to see us together

Akon's "Don't Matter" appears to have displaced that Beyonce song as the number 1 hit single here. Does it bother anyone else that the melody for "Don't Matter" totally rips off R. Kelley's "Ignition"? Because it bothers me.


Aaron said...

Yes, but Akon is African (okay, Wikipedia says he was born in St. Louis and went to high school in Jersey, but he grew up in Senegal). So where does your loyalty lie--with Africa, or with the pedophile?

Derek said...

I know, my sympathy does lie with Akon. That "AK gunshot" song - which is quite decent - was the soundtrack to my trip to Freetown. That's what makes it so hard.

Number 1 Billy Joel Fan said...
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Number 1 Billy Joel Fan said...

crap - how do you edit comments in this?

let's not lump R Kelly together with other pedophiles. R Kelly is an extraordinary man who juggles a busy schedule that includes writing hit songs, creating first rate child pornography, and otherwise being a born again christian.

moreover, I think you may be missing the subtle difference between the melodies in Don't Matter and Ignition. I think Vanilla Ice may have been a producer on the album.

By the way - very slick site over at africa matters!

JF said...

akon is still one of those people whose fame defies my comprehension. he can't dance, sing, and there's nothing gangsta about him. explain?