Wednesday, April 18

Kill the Malaysian Prime Minister

This week, I've had to don coat and tie and go downtown for meetings with a couple of SPLM (former rebels) officials. Today, when we arrived at the Intercontinental hotel, the place was swarming with cops and a red carpet was laid out. Eventually, the Malaysian Prime Minister walked by, with entourage. Apparently he's doing a regional trip - he was in Sudan last week, saying the UN shouldn't impose sanctions on the government over Darfur. But all I could think of was "Relax...don't do it...when you wanna go to as you are trained...and kill the Malaysian Prime Minister!".

As far as I know, the PM's OK. I don't think there are too many international male models in Nairobi. There is fashion though. Like the Safari boot, from Bata, the ubiquitous shoe company here. One of the SPLM folks was the latest of many people to express their love of the Safari boot to me. In fact, as you're taking the highway from downtown to the Westlands area, where I live, you pass a giant billboard Safari boot.

There hasn't been a whole lot of excitement the last couple weeks, besides being busy with work and the occasional Nairobi nightlife. A couple weeks ago I went to an Ethiopian restaurant with a band playing 90s American RnB songs, where my friend and I were the only white folks. This past weekend, I stopped by a "Cuban" bar (they serve mojitos) directly underneath the Ethiopian place, that was maybe 90 percent whites. Just like U St!

It's also started raining a lot. And, listening to the radio in the gym the other day, I found out that Akon has 2 songs currently in the top 10, though he's no longer number 1.


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From a review of Akon's "Konvicted:" Akon hits on strippers (but does not fall in love with them), smacks behinds, and tends to go with what suits him best: bragging and seducing while delivering like-sounding hooks in his unique voice. [The version sold at Target adds a bonus track ("Gringo").]

I don't know Derek, but my sense of your sarcasm regarding Akon's success is that you just don't quite /understand/ the man!