Sunday, April 22


We've reached the rainy season in Nairobi, with heavy downpours coming for at least a little bit almost every day. But between the rains, the weather returns to perfect. Today was such a day, with high 70s and largely cloudless sky.

And a perfect day to check out the Nairobi ultimate frisbee scene. The scene, today at least, consisted of a dozen or so expats - American, Canadian, French, Belgian, British (though only the first 2 knew how to play). With dogs, babies and non-playing significant others on the sidelines. The game was at the ridiculously nice campus of the International School of Kenya. The ultimate was pretty standard laid-back play, except that with the high altitude you lose your breath even faster than usual.

I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I do plan to write something about the elections that took place this weekend in Nigeria and France. With Nigeria, I'm not sure where to start, except that it looks like a big mess. The ruling party is in the lead, but the elections haven't met international standards, and the opposition is calling for a do-over. As for France, in the unscientific poll of 1 French voter I conducted today, Bayrou got 100%. However, it looks like it will be the other two in the runoff. Until I write more, there are some stories on my Reading List to the right.

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