Wednesday, January 2

More violence in Kenya

  • About 30 people taking refuge in a church died when it was burned down.
  • A couple of the more concerning observations from Kenyan Pundit's latest post:
Meanwhile the “President” is wishing Kenyans a happy new year and has said absolutely not one thing about the hundreds of lives that are being lost - isn’t this lack of action just as inciteful?

- Alfred Mutua, the government spokesman, continues to be in la-la land talking about incidents of violence “here and there.” Actually, he is beginning to remind me of Baghdad Bob when the Iraq war started.

  • Chris Blattman links to some more Kenyan blogs, including Daniel Rubia on why Raila Odinga is not blameless; Kenyan Jurist on the legal aspect of contesting the vote results; and some photos by Thinker's Room of the aftermath of mobs in a Nairobi slum.
  • And Michael Holman, the FT's former Africa correspondent takes Western donors to task for ignoring the Kenyan government's corruption and other unsavory qualities - a charge that could also be leveled to some extent at the international media as well.

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Anonymous said...

isolating countries is the worst solution look at zimbabwe isolation gives the despots a reson detre. the corruption issue i more complex. in kenya politicians have to deal with whoever is in power who is elected. even if they are corrupt elections are very local affairs