Thursday, February 21

Kenya talks

Word is that a power-sharing agreement in Kenya's political crisis could be announced as early as Friday. There has been false talk of an "imminent" deal before, although the buzz seems a little more credible this time around.

That would be good news, but wouldn't solve Kenya's challenges. In "Kenya in Crisis", an unimaginatively-titled but informative new report, the International Crisis Group says that underlying problems, including economic policy, constitutional reform and the disbandment of militias needs to be addressed now, rather than in a longer-term review. The report provides a thorough discussion of the election and post-election violence.

Edmund Sanders has an interesting piece in the LA Times describing a Nairobi youth's path to participating in political violence. And a good photo from Condi's visit via Thinkers Room.

In other regional news, Darfur rebels are complaining of more government attacks (Reuters). And LRA rebels have walked out of peace talks with the Ugandan government (BBC).

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