Wednesday, February 6

Kenya updates

Kofi Annan can't be too pleased with the Kenyan government at the moment. On Monday they rejected his choice to take over as long-term mediator, South African businessman Cyril Ramaphosa. Today, he found out his room at the Serena Hotel was bugged.

IRIN reports on how inland countries in the region dependent on Kenya's roads for aid deliveries - Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, Southern Sudan - are suffering.

Via Joseph Karioki, MP Gitobu Imanyara, who says Kenya's first lady assaulted him:
"This mad woman walks in screaming and started throwing punches at me. She was not wearing shoes, she was half naked, wearing pyjamas."
Also, I didn't have to check the Internet at all to keep up on the Democratic primary results (though I did anyway), with the Daily Nation's breaking news text message alerts, as well as the hourly radio news, updating the number of states won and delegate counts.

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