Friday, March 28

Kenya's cabinet formation

Unlike many of the op-ed writers in Kenya's papers, whose fondness for convoluted and euphemistic phrasing can make it hard to figure out what they're getting at, the cartoonists tend to get straight to the point. See Kham in today's Standard on the difficulty Kenya's leaders are having appointing ministers for the new power-sharing government :

This is only a slight exaggeration. There have been reports that Kibaki's side has proposed creating up to 44 ministries, including one for "Implementation of Vision 2030," (a long-term development plan), and one for "Nairobi Metropolitan Development". Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement - while no less eager to get supporters into key jobs - has picked up the call by civil society, religious groups, newspapers, and others for a "lean and clean" cabinet. Here, as with other issues, they seem to be displaying a better ear for what the international community wants to hear.

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