Thursday, March 6

Obamas of the world, unite!

Just what we need. Less than two weeks after New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof visits the well-traveled home of Barack Obama's relatives in western Kenya, Roger Cohen decides that the NYT should devote another column to the subject. This one doesn't seem to have much of a point beyond marveling that "piecing together Barack Obama’s family is like piecing together the world. It’s a rich experience, but not easy." Though Cohen does manage to get in an out-of-place-sounding swipe at Obama's criticisms of NAFTA at the end.

Meanwhile, Kenya's Nation newspaper ran a story describing recent disputes over how to handle all the foreign media visits to Obama's relatives, with "step-brother Malik Obama" trying to have media requests go through Washington. In other Kenyan Obama news, Reuters reports on the disappointment in in his ancestral home over Tuesday's primary losses. ( No mention of their thoughts on Obama's victory in the Texas caucus or the fact that Hillary barely put a dent in Obama's delegate lead.) And AP reports that Obama's grandmother is upset at recent efforts to paint Obama as a Muslim.

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