Friday, April 4

Elections: Zimbabwe and Montenegro

Optimism about Robert Mugabe stepping aside seems to have been a bit premature. It looks like the country is headed to a runoff, and AP reports that the government is finally starting to crack down on foreign journalists, with those detained including a New York Times correspondent. In the Independent, Basildon Peta urges opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to follow the example of Kenya's Raila Odinga and take to the streets (while trying not to let things degenerate into widespread violence).

Meanwhile, if you'd prefer a more straightforward democratic exercise, the new and tiny country of Montenegro is on Sunday holding its first presidential elections since breaking off from Serbia in 2006, with the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (who backed independence) expected to win. Even if you don't particularly care about what happens there, this piece in the Montenegro Times is probably worth reading for the prose alone:
CEDEM has also gazed into the crystal ball and asked the omniscient being resident therein how many Montenegrins will take time from their day on Sunday to vote. "Seventy four percent," came the answer.

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