Saturday, June 21

Worth reading

  • The leader of Darfur's original Sudan Liberation Movement rebel group, Abdul Wahid el-Nur, currently enjoying summertime in Paris, appeals for support in the struggle against the regime in Khartoum (Wall Street Journal). The funny thing is that when I saw the headline, "Why we won't talk to Sudan's Islamo-fascists", I just assumed it was a Journal editorial. Stephanie McCrummen also has a look at the chaotic situation on the ground, though Nur would say that's just what Khartoum wants us to think (Wash Post).
  • Whit Mason, who works for the UN in southern Afghanistan, discusses lawyers movement and the political state of affairs in Pakistan (World Policy Journal)
  • Cara Parks provides a guide to the main 527 groups that will be running attack ads this campaign season (New Republic). The Economist has a simplified but handy primer on Obama's key advisers. Blake Hounshell suggests why there's no Richard Holbrooke (Foreign Policy).
  • Italy's lame opposition to Berlusconi version 3.0 (Economist)
  • 'Let's see...where should I do a story on the impact of global price rises in Africa? Mogadishu? The slums of Nairobi? I know! How about Zanzibar' (Reuters).

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