Thursday, November 6

Happy Obama Day

After a heavy rain last night, which I interpreted as adding to the feeling of catharsis, the skies are blue today in Kenya for the public holiday declared to celebrate Obama's victory. I've also heard southern Sudan has jumped on the bandwagon and declared a holiday as well, though no confirmation on that yet. You can hear my wrap of yesterday's Kenyan response here.

One of the things that came up in multiple conversations with Kenyans yesterday was the hope that Obama could serve as a lesson for Kenyan politics, encouraging people to vote on the basis of ideas (or at least whatever category 'change' and 'hope' fall into), rather than on ethnic background. There also seems to be a hope that it could help open the path for a younger generation of politicians. Optimistic views certainly, but probably more likely than the preferential diplomatic treatment or flood of green cards that some have hoped for.

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