Monday, February 9

East Africa links

Colum Lynch on Sudan's posture toward a possible ICC warrant for President Omar al-Bashir (Washington Post):
Indeed, Sudan's diplomatic standing has hardly been diminished by the allegations. Last month, an influential bloc of developing nations known as the Group of 77 and China selected Sudan as its chairman for 2009. That post will make Khartoum the developing world's champion in negotiations with the West on a broad variety of issues, including climate change, the U.N. budget and the global financial crisis.

Rob Crilly on the justice vs. peace, humanitarianism vs. advocacy debate over the ICC indictment (Huffington Post):
So for me, this is not about picking sides, it's about trying to reconcile the differences between people who should be on the same team. For now, the more time I spend in Africa, the more attractive I find the messy, contradictory, imperfect solutions that stop the fighting. They may not tackle the deep-seated injustices and may just be storing up problems for the future. They might not resolve the big issues, but it stops people dying. Just ask the 130,000 people displaced by the LRA.
Padraig Carmody reviews Dambisa Moyo's new book Dead Aid, on the harm foreign aid does to Africa (Irish Times)

Moyo reviews the history of western aid and then details what she sees to be its destructive effects: the creation of a dependency culture; enhanced opportunities for political corruption; and distortionary macro-economic effects. Developmental failure then increases the need for more aid.

According to Russia's news agency, the recently-freed Ukrainian crew of the MV Faina will have the cost of the phone calls they made while being held by Somali pirates deducted from their salaries.

The Nation reports that the new office building for the Kenyan prime minister - a job created as part of a power-sharing agreement last year after post-election violence - will cost around 1 billion shillings ($12.5 million). Nobody said peace was cheap.

Kenya says Delta will be flying to Nairobi (via Dakar) starting in June (Standard). Though I've heard this one before.

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