Tuesday, February 17

Our turn to eat

Michela Wrong, author of I Didn't Do It for You (on Eritrea) and In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz (DRC), has a new book out this week on Kenya, It's Our Turn to Eat (though it looks the U.S. has to wait until June). The book tells the story of Kenyan anti-corruption whistle-blower John Githongo, who fled the country after exposing a corruption scandal in 2005. He's since returned to Kenya, and the Independent has a profile. The book seems well-timed, at least for a Kenyan audience, with allegations of corruption scandals in grain and oil and hotels dominating the headlines again. I'm also hoping the book might fill the current vacum of a readable overview of contemporary Kenyan political history, a gap that exists for too many African countries (and which Wrong did a pretty good job filling for Eritrea with her last book).

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