Tuesday, March 17

So is Raila Kate or Leo?

Kenya's coalition government as Titanic (You Missed This):
In the movie version a budding romance between two characters from very different worlds (played by Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winselet) takes place within the ship. The unlikely romance is held together despite everything by true love which is proved in the end. (The “romance” between PNU and ODM is held together by greed and corruption as VP Kalonzo Musyoka confirmed yesterday.)
The coalition government is hurtling full speed towards 2012 with ,members stealing and grabbing like there was no tomorrow, but like just as the Titanic never reached new York…EVER, the coalition government will never see 2012. The ship sunk on 15th April (1912) and in my vioew the coalition government will collapse a few weeks after that same date this year.

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