Thursday, May 28

East Africa roundup

1. How U.S. investors look at Africa (Foreign Policy):
The survey suggests that African countries tend to fall into three categories: strong countries that are seriously considered as investment destinations; weak countries that would not even be considered by most of the respondents; and average countries where a mix of good and bad news calls for caution. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are rated highest for their economic development, while Ghana, South Africa and Tunisia take top honors for their investment climate. South Africa got the highest marks for government attitude, with Ghana, Morocco, Kenya and Nigeria tied in the next highest position. Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa saw the highest perceived return on investment. These traditionally high performers are followed by an interesting group of emerging countries that are catching investors' attention. Libya, Senegal, Mozambique and Rwanda are viewed increasingly positively in government attitude, investment return, and progress with economic development.

2. Nothing against teddy bears but...Teddy Bears of Hope? (Amherstburg Echo)
Dowhan, 18, is Miss Teen Amherstburg and will be a delegate in this summer's Miss Teen Canada International Pageant in Toronto. The goal of their Teddy Bears of Hope is to raise 2,000 teddy bears per participant with the teddy bears going to needy children in Uganda, Africa. The twonies help cover shipping expenses.
3. Kenyan food in DC...probably not the first place I'll seek out, but good to know (Standard):

The restaurant remains the only place that serves Kenyan food in a metropolitan area that has several Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese and Italian restaurants. The menu at Safari DC includes nyama and mbuzi choma, chicken, tilapia, chapati, samosa, ugali and, of course, Tusker. A corner of the restaurant is dedicated to Barack Obama, the US President

4. Don't have sex with old people (New Times)

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