Friday, May 29

East Africa roundup

1. Another football-related tragedy strikes Africa, this time in Nigeria (DPA):
A Nigerian fan of Manchester United killed four people and injured ten others when he drove a minibus into a crowd of Barcelona supporters, Nigerian police said Thursday.
2. Rating Ugandan lawmakers (Monitor):
Ministers John Nasasira (Works), Janet Museveni (Karamoja Affairs) and James Nsaba Buturo (Ethics) emerged among the worst performing MPs from western Uganda, details of the Parliamentary Scorecard indicate.
The scorecard is an assessment of MPs performance in Parliament and in the constituency.
3. A pirate movie, obviously (BBC)

4. More Kenyan food, this time in Orange County (OC Weekly):
Perhaps the most complex meal is the samosas, some of the best in Orange County. A legacy of Indian migration to Kenya, these aren’t fried nightmares, but instead contain ground beef spiced with cinnamon and chile powder to create something so delicious my friend called them Kenyan tacos—and if you think this uncouth, then explain why every table seems to feature a bottle of orange Jarritos and why the kachumbari is described on the menu as “East African salsa” and is really nothing more than extra-yummy pico de gallo?

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