Sunday, June 7

East Africa roundup

The downside of laptops, from the Monitor:
The “One Laptop per Child” scheme, which has sent over a million US$100 laptops to children in the developing world, has been criticised by researchers who found that, unless they are introduced with care, they become little more than distracting toys in the classroom.
Watch out, Gavin Newsom. From the Nation:
Hoping to duplicate Barack Obama’s rapid ascent in US politics, a Kenyan-American preacher is running for governor of California.
Dr Symmon, a Bible-believing Christian, plans to present himself to voters as “a moral voice” who can lead California out of the worst budget crisis in its history.

To run a credible race in the primary election, a candidate would have to raise more than $10 million (Sh780 million). Additional millions will be needed to wage an effective campaign for the November general election.

In an interview with the Sunday Nation, Dr Symmon declined to say how much money he has raised to date.

Having never held elected office, Dr Symmon acknowledges that he lacks name recognition in a state with roughly as many residents as Kenya.

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