Thursday, June 14

Morning commute, etc

The subject of this morning's drive-time radio discussion was whether 99.9% of women lie about everything to do with their personal lives and marriages, or whether they don't. When a woman would call in outraged about how people could suggest that, the (male) co-host would respond that they're angry because it's true. Hard to argue with that.

Also, there's a big truck loaded with pipes sitting broken down in the middle of the highway, that's been there since yesterday morning.

In other news, this group called the Mungiki sect has been beheading people around town. The group, whose members belong mainly to the Kikuyu tribe and which murky allegations link to certain politicians, has some religious angle, involving praying to Mt. Kenya. It also extorts money from matatu drivers, and in recent weeks has launched a series of attacks on matatus, stealing money and killing (often cutting off the heads of) operators. They've also killed some other people, who were supposedly trying to leave the sect. The police launched a big crackdown last week on a Nairobi slum where many members are thought to be living. They killed around 30 people, some of whom might have been Mungiki members.

Also, on Monday a bomb went off by a hotel downtown. It killed one person and injured a lot of people on the street. There have been all sorts of rumors, from suicide bombing, to grenade, to Mungiki, to gas leak...haven't heard much reliable, though it seems that it was an intentional attack.

But my comfortable existence goes on, unperturbed by such unpleasantness. In fact, it's gotten quite a bit more pleasant with Caitlin's arrival a couple of weeks ago. Recent activities have included a free Hugh Masekela concert, Ocean's 13, and a rugby tournament. More on that soon, maybe.

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