Saturday, September 29

I'll spare you the details of Zanzibar. Suffice it to say, it's a nice place. Maybe I'll put some pictures up soon. I will say something briefly about the ferry ride back to Dar, however. It was one of the "fast ferries" which also means extremely bumpy, and a good portion of the passengers started vomiting shortly into the ride.

Then, turning the mood from unpleasant to bizarre, they started showing a documentary, narrated by a clear-voiced American, aiming to discredit Darwin, Richard Dawkins, and the theory of evolution, claiming that the world was, in fact, created by Allah. I was seated in front of the screens, and so could only get the audio. Fortunately, when I glanced back, the only guy looking at the screen was another Western tourist.

Making things even stranger, on the way over, they were showing Wrestlemania.

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