Thursday, December 27

Kenyan voting

I'm just back from Mombasa, where I spent the last couple of days covering the elections. You can hear some of the people I talked to here and here. Things were pretty relaxed in Mombasa. Which is understandable, it's pretty hard to protest in that heat. People seemed pretty optimistic about fairness and peacefulness for the most part. I tagged along for a while with the head of the EU observer mission and it seems like things have gone fairly well in Mombasa and most parts of the country.

The main trouble point has been the Kibera slum - the home turf of challenger Raila Odinga - where the scene was apparently pretty chaotic - Raila's name was missing from the register, and at least one person has been killed today. The President's party is now saying exit polls show they are ahead, and this combined with the troubles in Kibera could lead to some unrest. Hopefully not too bad.

You can read general takes on voting day at your news outlet of choice. Barney Jopson in FT, for example.

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