Tuesday, December 11

A Scorpions fan in the Kremlin

The New York Times has a profile on Putin's pick for a successor. Including this juicy tidbit
Mr. Medvedev is a fan of heavy metal and attended a Scorpions concert in St. Petersburg this year.
Other than that, I guess he's fairly liberal economically, not ex-KGB, and very indebted to Putin.

A few other things I've found interesting on Russia in the past few days: American businessman Boris Jordan provides some (somewhat convincing) explanation of why Putin is popular in the WaPo. Jean Radvanyi looks at Russia's foreign policy in Le Monde Diplomatique. Olivier Pironet runs through the major Russian parties, also in Le Monde Diplo. An interview with Stephen Sestanovich, a former Ambassador for ex-Soviet states and now at the Council on Foreign Relations. Sestanovich also has an op-ed on Russia and the U.S. for the Int'l Herald Tribune. And Clifford Levy, for the NY Times, looks at the Communists, the main opposition party left.

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