Monday, February 11


Two compelling pieces on Obama vs. Clinton today (both from the British press).

In The Financial Times, Clive Crook writes that Clinton's claims of managerial experience are overblown, as are expectations about how much change Obama can bring about. But he concludes, and I'm inclined to agree:
...what is there for Democrats to think about? Why are they even having this conversation? They have been waiting an awfully long time for a politician like Mr Obama. If, having come so close, they still manage to nominate Mrs Clinton, I think it is a choice they will regret for years and maybe decades.
And writing in The Guardian, Michael Tomasky describes Obama's difficulty in winning over white and Latino working class voters, saying many are less interested in his abstract themes of hope and more in concrete policies that will help them. Tomasky writes that Obama is starting to adjust his speeches, and that his success will determine whether he gets the nomination.

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