Monday, March 17

"Ballots to bullets"

Human Rights Watch has a new report out on Kenya's post-election violence. It describes how many of the attacks were well planned by local elders/politicians/businessmen, and that there is circumstantial evidence pointing to involvement of national leaders, though that requires more investigation. These allegations aren't new, but the report attempts to provide evidence based on interviews, and has fancy photos. The report also scolds donor countries for turning a blind eye to the Kibaki government's corruption and impunity.

My main objection to the report is the title, "Ballots to Bullets". Yeah, it's catchy, but it's been done. A Google search gives you about 1,000 hits, including within the first 10, articles with that phrase in the title on Angola, Latin America and "the Indo-Canadian community". It is better than "Bullets to Ballots" though, which returns even more hits. I'm pretty sure I used that title for a term paper at one point.

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