Wednesday, April 2

Kenya hearts the USA

Foreign Policy's Passport blog points out the release of a new BBC World Service poll on views of different countries from around the world. From the 23 countries surveyed, the average number of people having a positive view of the global influence of the US is 35 percent. The least positive views come from Mexico (10 percent - they have a good view), Egypt (16), and India (18). In America, 56 percent view our role as positive. The most positive view among the countries in the sample - higher than Nigeria or Ghana, Israel or the Philippines - is Kenya, where 80 percent have a positive view of U.S. influence. That's up from 70 percent in 2007. The poll was conducted in December, in the run-up to the elections. It would be interesting to see where the figure stands now, after the American role in pressing the Kenyan government to accept a power-sharing agreement in February.

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