Wednesday, April 2

More waiting on Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe continues to wait and see what will happen following Saturday's vote. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has won the most seats in parliament (Reuters). The party is also claiming that its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has beaten Robert Mugabe in the presidential contest (Guardian). But still no official announcement.

Recent reports are suggesting that a runoff is likely. Earlier buzz about a negotiated settlement for Mugabe to step down have been denied by both sides, though that doesn't mean they aren't true (The Economist).

Jonathan Clayton of the London Times discusses the scenario of Mugabe stepping down:
Mr Mugabe was said to be emphasising in the negotiations the need to accord a former freedom-fighter “respect and dignity”. In Africa this argument still resonates and few people would want to see Mr Mugabe facing a humiliating show trial at The Hague similar to that being conducted against the former Liberian President Charles Taylor.
Investors are also eying the situation in Zimbabwe (Reuters).

Meanwhile, elsewhere in southern Africa, the president of good-governance darling Botswana has peacefully stepped aside (AP). The Economist has more on where Botswana and its diamond-driven economy are at.

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