Monday, April 14

Sudanese and the Olympics

Andrew Heavens puzzles over the latest Darfur activism campaign:
Pictures of Mat Damon destroying a dollshouse with a baseball bat will help the children of Darfur because ... dollshouses are used by children, and children have been harmed in Darfur, so destroying a dolls house kind of represents destroying a childhood, so ...
I don't really get it either, it looks like a Gap ad to me. But as Heavens points out, you know who really probably doesn't get it? People in Darfur.
It reminds me of the time a London-based news organisation asked a reporter to fly out to a refugee camp in Darfur to ask the residents for their reaction to Steven Spielberg's decision to pull out of the Olympics in protest at China's alleged failure to push Sudan into ending the conflict in Darfur.

Their reaction was basically - huh?
Well, I suppose they're not really the audience. Heavens also has a piece for Reuters on Darfuris who are training for the Olympics.

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