Sunday, April 13

Throwing more ministries at the problem

Kenya's leaders have finally agreed on the ministers for a new coalition government (Nation). Apparently the challenges facing Kenya are so great that the current 34 ministries are not up to the task. Hopefully 41 ministries will be able to get the job done more effectively.

Still a relatively poor country, economic development is at the top of the new government's agenda, as exemplified by the:
  • Ministry of Industrialization
  • Ministry of Regional Development Authorities
  • Ministry of Cooperatives Development
  • Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development
  • Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and Arid Lands
  • Ministry of Planning, National Development, and Vision 2030
Food and agriculture is also a top concern. See:
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Livestock Development
  • Ministries of Fisheries Development
Health policy was apparently not getting the attention it deserved. Now there's double the attention:
  • Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation; and a
  • Ministry of Medical Services
And one ministry really isn't enough to ensure our children is learning. This is better:
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
All in all there are just over 90 ministers and assistant ministers. Not bad, for a 220-member parliament. After the salaries, offices, SUVs, and staff, hopefully there will be some money left over for the programs they're managing.

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