Friday, June 20

"How to nail a rich chick"

Kenya's main newspaper, The Nation, has an indispensable Saturday supplement on style, self-improvement, relationships, etc. You can supposedly access most of the articles online with registration, but it doesn't seem to work. But here are some nuggets of wisdom from this week...

From this week's "Mantalk" column, "How to nail a rich chick":
The rapid advancement of women up the money ranks has a lot of men worried. Caught up in this quagmire, men are left straddled between two very clear options. Put up or walk out.

You do not need an economist to tell you that the gap between the rich women and the poor men in this country continues to widen. What's even more telling about the emerging class of wealthy women is that they not necessarily, white, wrinkled and into men spotting dreadlocks
In the first instance, men willing to be kept, need to differentiate between women who appear to have money and those who actually have it. Those with money have a manner about them. It doesn't matter how they dress or what they drive. They are at ease with commodity.
It is important to know what the attraction is. Spend long nights repeating the question, "Why me?" Sometimes it is as basic as your smile. "He has such a cute smile" she may suggest. It could be a body part like your rear or something you said once that touched her and gave the illusion you may be caring and loving. Whatever the case, when an opportunity to escape poverty presents itself, it must be exploited.
Learn to listen to her daily whining without offering any solutions or advise."
If you are not endowed, diversify your oral portfolio
Now go forth, and fish out the rich chick and get her to commit. Good luck in your husbandry quest.
From "What Kenyan men want"
According to the survey commissioned by Saturday Nation, and carried out by Infotrack Harris, physical features came a distant third at (68 per cent), behind character (70 per cent) and love and affection (78 per cent).

Although Kenyan women are over particular on financial status, money did not feature prominently in the men's ideal spouse list (most preferred their ideal woman to be younger, shorter and earning less money than them).

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