Saturday, June 21

Turkish delight

After last night's win over Croatia in the Euro Cup, Turkey is either the luckiest soccer team I've ever witnessed, or confident enough to resist scoring a winning goal until literally the last possible minute, of each game they play. I'm going to go with the former. As Amir Ibrahim puts in a skeptical take at Kenya Imagine, "The Turkish team have not led a match for more than three minutes the entirety of this tournament but have still contrived to qualify for the semi-finals."

But having spent enough time in Turkey, I was definitely pleased with the outcome, Though not nearly as much as Turks are, judging by Facebook status messages, or Dani Rodrik's blog.

So bring it, Germany. Who cares if half the Turkish starters have to sit out because of yellow cards? They've got, as Ibrahim puts it, "Lady Luck, or whatever comely incarnation of the Fates, or whatever it is they call her in Turkey, let's lazily go with Kismet."

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