Monday, July 14

Worth reading

  • Lydia Polgreen and Marlise Simons on the debate over whether an ICC indictment of Sudan's president is a good idea (NY Times). Edward Luttwak and Marian Tupy on why aid for Africa is bad (L.A. Times). Academics debate the implications of ethnicity for state-building (Foreign Affairs).
  • Robert Dreyfuss on Obama's foreign policy (Nation). Tim Dickinson on Obama's advisers (Rolling Stone)
  • Bob Moser on the bluing of Texas politics (Nation). David Rieff on the bluing of Miami's Cuban-American politics (NY Times). Deepa Fernandes on Bobby Jindal (Nation).
  • Elizabeth Kolbert on carbon emissions (New Yorker)
  • An excerpt from J.G. Ballard's autobiography (Harper's, w/sub)

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