Thursday, February 19

Celebrity sightings: George Clooney in Chad!

Nicholas Kristof in the NYT:
So I’ll tell you what. You read my columns about Darfur from this trip, and I’ll give you the scoop on every one of Mr. Clooney’s wild romances and motorcycle accidents in this remote nook of Africa. You’ll read it here way before The National Enquirer has it, but only if you wade through paragraphs of genocide.
Maybe some people fell for this ploy, and if so, that's great. Me, I was ready to read about Darfur, but got turned off when the first 200 words of an 800 word column were about Mr. Clooney. Then I did what any true Clooney follower would do, and skipped to the end. And as I suspected, it was a trick!:
Oh, and now for the juicy truth about all of Mr. Clooney’s wild romances and motorcycle accidents. Darn — out of space. Wait for my next column from this trip on Sunday...
I'm going to make a prediction. There was no romance. Maybe an aid worker tried to flirt with him. And there was no motorcycle accident, we'd have heard about that, right? Maybe he took a short ride and the engine failed.

UPDATE: Ireland's Independent has the scoop already, from a peacekeeper, not an aid worker:

"As soon as I heard the rumour, I legged it out of the orderly room to find out if it was true and there was George Clooney with a group of United Nations officials," she told the Irish Independent last night.

"But now the rest of the women aren't talking to me. Some of them were out on a patrol while the others were in different places around the camp and didn't know about George.

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