Tuesday, May 5

Democracy in Uganda

Afrobarometer has released its latest findings on Uganda (from Jul-Oct 2008). Most of the media coverage in Uganda has focused on the figure of 41 percent saying they would vote to reelect Yoweri Museveni. Yes, this is less than the 50 percent threshold needed to win, but he's still 20 points ahead of his closest challenger, Kizza Besigye, whose score here is also much lower than his showing in the 2006 election.

More interesting, I think, is the general negative trend in public satisfaction with the government's performance, particularly confidence in democratic institutions. Support for democracy is at its highest level since surveys started in 2000, as is rejection of one-party rule. But opinion of the quality of elections has "plumetted" and there have been steep drops in how well Ugandans feel they are represented in parliament and how well they feel they can remove bad leaders through polls.

Of course, all this was before Museveni announced his intention to send an African to the moon.

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