Wednesday, May 6

Football-related domestic tragedy

I didn't enjoy watching Arsenal's drubbing at the hands of Man U yesterday. But as the Nation reports, some took it worse:

A man ended his life in Nairobi after his favourite English Premiership team lost a season-defining match against their fiercest rivals on Tuesday.

Mr Suleiman Alfonso Omondi, 29, who was known to his friends as a staunch supporter of the London-based Arsenal football club, was found dangling from a rope at his house in the city’s Pipeline estate on Wednesday morning.

Though thousands of miles away, English football teams have a fanatical, at times near religious following in Kenya.

The AFP write-up ends with this cryptic generalization:

Football-related domestic tragedies are frequent in the region, where English clubs enjoy passionate following and European games draw more attention than national and continental games.

Though, according to the Nation...

It is the first time that Kenyans’ fanatical following of the English Premier League has ended in such tragedy.

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