Tuesday, May 12

Sentence of the day

I spend a good portion of many days reading news stories from East African media outlets, which means I come across some interesting English syntax. My favorites tend to be from the English-language write-ups on Somali news websites, which I find have a certain poetry to them. Today, for example, from Radio Shabelle, comes this gem:
Sheik Yusuf Inda’ade told Shabelle Media that he totally handed over his entire weapons to one of his brothers declining to name the man he handed over to his weapons.
Even if they do sometimes just consist of the same statement being repeated several times, each more garbled than the last, I appreciate the articles. The websites manage to get updated news, even in English, posted impressively quickly. If a warlord or an official calls a press conference, you'll be able to read about it, and at least get the gist of it, much faster than you would from most other countries in the region. And until I can do a better job reading this...

Indha cadde ayaa waxaa uu ka gaabsaday in walaalka uu hubkiisa ku wareejiyay uu ka mid yahay dhinacyada dagaalamaya iyo in kale.
...I can't really complain.

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